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Before and After


“After being in a car accident and recovering from a few fractures, I went to Physical Therapy at PTA.  When I started my PT visits, I was walking with a bit of a shuffle, I had rib and pelvis pain, I was weak, and very much out of shape.  I remember one of my first visits-Ryan started me on the treadmill for two long and slow painful minutes that took my breath away.  By the completion of my visits I was free from pain, I was much stronger, and now I am able to run.  I went to therapy for only two months and had great results.  My pain was gone, strength and confidence came back, and I began a journey of getting back in shape.  Thanks to everyone at PTA for helping and encouraging me!”  -Daren S.


“I gained use of my back after three months of not be able to do my housework, or sit comfortably for meetings and church. Now I'm pain free to do all of the above.” -Charlotte H.


“I feel so much better now! There aren’t any more days of pain! It’s so nice to be able to workout, play with my nephew and niece, hang out with friends and so many other things again that my pain used to stop me from doing. Physical therapy made me better. Thank you!” –Grant W.


“I came  to PTA with chronic pain. I can now do things like sit and enjoy a book without any pain, and drive without any pain. My daily home exercise program helps me to achieve that.” -Lori J.


" I played my guitar for the first time in 7 years! Thanks to the physical therapists who worked with me, and to my doctor for sending me to PTA. I feel great!" -Sharon S.

"I had limited movement of my neck when I came to PTA, I was treated for this on my first visit and I noticed major improvements. I now have no pain in my neck and have full movement. I sleep better at night and I am able to work without pain. I have not taken any medication for headaches but one time. PTA made major improvements in my life!" -Richard T.

" My right arm had limited ability due to rotator cuff problems. Now I have complete rotation of that arm! I am so appreciative of all the great staff at PTA. I look forward to coming back for a visit!" -Earvin M.

"When I came in my neck and shoulder were hurting me so much and it was affecting my work and my home life. Now, I feel totally healed and normal again! The exercises and friendliness of everyone produced amazing results!" -Elizabeth S.